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Introducing myself is perpetually difficult. Whenever asked: “Where are you from?”, I struggle to answer to my satisfaction. I am one of the odd, rootless people of a new generation: my mother grew up in Brazil, my father in Austria, and I, around the world. My cultural experiences are fragmented, yet some places and passions have remained consistent in my life: family homes, and an inherent love for music (playing music from an early age), humanities subjects, and hands-on creativity.

I have attained a unique, expansive perspective formed by multiple disciplines. It continues to shift and establish itself. My absurdly wide-spread tastes range musically from Debussy to Jeff Buckley. All the while, my English accent remains in permanent limbo somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean. This circuitous journey has been a blessing. My more academically-focused upbringing informs many of the questions that my work addresses. Literal displacements have imbued in me the instinct to collect elements (objects to videos) from physical surroundings. From this, I gravitate towards critical design methods, vulnerably juxtaposing these ideas through textiles and silhouettes. I have recently developed a particularly deep interest in knits; thoroughly enjoying playing with the idea of a knit binary code, and trying to intercept it.

I encourage discussion around the undefined metaphors generated from this approach, questioning societal structures and human-material relationships. My hope is that, from such conversations, people may discover new ideas for themselves (based on their own experiences) and question collective social attitudes.

Feel free to view more of my work on my portfolio website, or contact me via the contact form for any further queries.

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